What A Rip Off…

If the movie hadn’t come out before he was born, I’d have said that the baby Ogres in “Shrek the Halls” were based on Isaac… Must be the cheeks.




AllisonWonder and the Great Mint Sauce Mishap

Great title for a kids’ book, eh?

Too bad it’s a description of my morning so far. It’s not quite 6:30 in the morning, and I’ve been up with Simon for over an hour. I’m not complaining; I was up with him three times the night before and got puked on twice, and so far nobody’s barfed down my arm, so I’m ahead on that count.

I’ve been semi-productive, too: I’ve made tea, had breakfast, and put the Fimo* things that I made last night in the oven. Also, I cleaned up mint sauce.

For anyone not familiar with mint sauce, it’s kind of a mint-flavoured water with teeny little bits of dark mint leaves floating in it… but tangier. Anyway, we had pot roast last night, and there was mint sauce involved. That was fine, but someone left a dish of it out on the counter overnight instead of dumping it in the Green bin and washing the bowl. Then I come along this morning, making Simon some “chonka miulk” (chocolate milk), and the chocolate-mixy-stuff falls out of the cupboard as I’m putting it back.



Fortunately for the rest of the kitchen, my face took the worst of it. The bottle hit the bowl, the bowl flew in the air, spinning, and mint sauce went everywhere. Little black bits of minty stuff stuck to everything- walls, countertops, my face, glasses and shirt. You’d think the smell would be alright, but it really wasn’t; food products that taste good just don’t always make you smell the way you want to (surprisingly enough).

Sooooo I cleaned up the counters, the CD case and camera case that were on the counter, my glasses, my face, and my arms, and I changed my shirt. Then I took Simon his chocolate milk…

…which started leaking all over the place. So back to the kitchen I went with the cup of milk, and I tried to get the lid off. It was stuck. Leaky, but stuck. I decanted the milk into another cup, and in the process got chocolate milk all over the place. So then I cleaned that up.

It’s now 6:41 and I just got Simon back to bed (which means Ike will be waking up any second…). I’m going to try to get a little more sleep if I can.

How’s YOUR morning een? 😉

Twitter, Chirp Chirp, Tweet

Ok, tell me about Twitter.

When I first heard someone mention “Twitter”, I thought it meant “more of a twit”, like “Dumb and Dumber”- “Twit and Twitter”. Apparently, though, it’s a website where you’re supposed to update the peanut gallery on your every move several times a day. OK, I thought having a… um… an online journal-ish thing… was a sign of my over-inflated sense of self-importance. I have trouble believing that people actually read this stuff; who wants to read every thought that meanders through my poop-addled mind? Does anyone need to know that “I’m doing dishes” or “this yogurt tastes funny”?

And does this sound like a stalker’s dream to anyone else? Here’s a place where people are volunteering to share their location, actions and thoughts with you at any time- stalking without leaving the comfort of your own home! Oh, the wonders of modern technology!

I think this whole thing would be far more interesting if entries were done in haiku form.

Now that I’ve started asking, I’ll have to actually go have a look and see what this is about. Does anyone reading this use Twitter? Do you twit- er, tweet? Why or why not? Do you read other people’s chirpage?