Cast of Characters (it’s complicated…)

… and by “characters,” I mean my friends and family, generally not using their real names. This is so confusing for me, but not as confusing as keeping everyone straight will be for the rest of you. Maybe I need a diagram…

AJ- my darling, wonderful, super-duper hot husband. He’s away in Regina right now for 6 months at the RCMP ‘depot’ as a cadet, doing police-type stuff and practicing to make that uniform look gooood. And incedentally, has that EVER looked bad on ANYONE?

We’ve been married 5 1/2 years- got married just before Christmas 2002. He’s stuck by me through Depression and several failed medications, several job switches and 2 tough pregnancies, and we’ve seen each other through several moves, financial tight spots (to put it mildly) and looooong winters. Neither of us is perfect, but we manage to love each other at the end of the day, and I wouldn’t trade AJ for anything. I’m counting the days until November, when I get to see him again!

Simon- Our first little man, born in September 2005. He’s adjusted surprisingly well to AJ being away and to the move to ON, where we’re staying with my parents while AJ is away, though it’s quite obvious that he misses his daddy a lot. AJ misses his “little buddy” terribly, too- it’s probably been the hardest thing, for him, about being away. Simon is a beautiful guy, inside and out, one of the sweetest kids I know… except for on THOSE days. On THOSE days, when he’s especially three, he turns into someone I don’t recognize, a screaming, contrary creature prone to massive meltdowns over tiny things. This is usually days when he doesn’t get his afternoon nap. Simon loves cars, “Cars,” trains, construction equipment, TV (unfortunately), and his huge collection of “fwends” (his stuffed animals), who ALL sleep with him.

Simon isn’t potty-trained yet, and shows no signs of being ready, so I’m not pushing it. He’s always done things in his own time. He knows most colours (chartreuse, magenta and puce are still tough), and we’re working on numbers; he’ll run around the house yelling “five, six, SIMON, eight, nine!” The good days more than make up for the bad days, and even if I get frustrated with Simon more often than I’d like, I love my squishy little man more than I can say.


Isaac-Little man number two, born on Valentine’s day 2008. If he didn’t have problems sleeping, he’d be a perfect baby. Beautiful, happy, charming, cuddly… sucks his toes, laughs when you tickle him, loves his Jolly Jumper, grabs your face and “kisses” it… so sweet. He’s trying very hard to crawl right now, and he gets frustrated when he ends up going backward, away from what he wants. He’s determined, though, and he’ll get it soon enough.

Isaac fights sleep with everything he’s got, and only gives in when he’s worn right out. If he wakes up during the night wanting a snack (and I’m aware that this is habit more than hunger), he won’t go back to his own bed- he arches his back and WAILS as soon as his back hits the mattress. Letting him cry would wake up the entire household, so he spends the rest of the night with me- fine for now, not so fine after AJ’s back. Wish me luck… Oh, and speaking of AJ: Isaac was only 2 months old when AJ left. What a difference 6 months makes!


Mom- Uh, my mom. She’s an amazing mom, and she’s always made my brother and me feel loved, even when she had untreated Depression when we were growing up- pretty amazing. She’s been working as a “lay minister” in the United Church for a few years, and I’m SO proud of her for all the work she’s done, both in her education and in her work. She’s the only pastor for 3 small churches out in the country, and she does 3 services every Sunday.

Dad- the other parental unit. He commutes to Toronto 5 days a week on the GO train (still have to get Simon out for a ride on that), gets up at 5 in the morning and goes to bed at about 11 at night- I don’t know how he does it. He’s pretty quiet, loves his family, and seems to just want us to be happy. Lofty goal- hard to shop for at Christmas.

I can’t say how greatful I am to my parents for letting us stay here while AJ’s away. We wouldn’t have been able to afford rent, food, etc. while he was away, never mind me being on my own with the two boys. Their house always seems to just expand to include whoever needs a home, human or animal. My brother’s been living here for several years with his daughter, and… well, on to him…

Mark- My dear brother


to be continued…


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