It’s been a while, I know. I don’t know what the problem is these days- I just have little to no desire to write- even my paper journal’s suffering, and I never used tt miss a day. Post-holidays mood dip? Possibly, though I’m just as glad we have all of that travelling and whatnot out of the way.  My mood’s been pretty stable lately, if not super-duper. I know I should be getting more exercise to help with that, but when, I ask you- when?

I’m not the only one having blog-related issues- my dear Anne Nahm claims she’s going through a slump right now. If my slumps were as funny as hers, I’d be happy. This may be why she has readers, though. 🙂

So, how was your Christmas? Our actual Christmas was great- it was getting there and back that sucked harder than a Dyson. My friends, I don’t think I have the energy to even go into details here, even if it might be entertaining for anyone who wasn’t there. Give me a few weeks (or months) to get a better perspctive on the funny side of everything- if there is one. As of right now, even though we had fun in Florida and it was great to see AJ’s family, it wasn’t worth all of that hassle. Also, I miss WestJet, and Air Canada can shove their unhelpful “customer service” folks up their corporate bum.

Like I said, I may need time to get past this…

I’ve got this 10-month old one-man demolition crew patting my lap here and trying to push all of the buttons on this keyboard- I guess he thinks it’s time for me to get off the damn computer and play with him already. He’s probably right.


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