Home Economics and BLAAAAARGH…

I feel I’m going to be sick. Maybe I should have had something to eat this morning other than 2 Lindors and a piece of toast with Nutella on it…

The countdown is well underway: in 2 days we’ll be on our way to our new home! I’m excited, nervous, happy, sad, anxious, and most of all, freaking exhausted. Still, we’re getting there. The packing was all done on time (even if I did neglect my kids a bit in order to get it done), we picked up the U-Haul trailer yesterday morning and packed it up, and Dad’s been on the road with the trailer and the cats (God love him!) since 5:10 this morning. We’re left with 3 suitcases, 2 carry-on bags and a playpen here… good thing Norah’s toys are still around, or we’d be pretty bored on this rainy day.

(Rain… I still need to get to Value Village and look for raincoats for me and the boys…)

Big changes are coming, and in the grand tradition of New Year’s resolutions, I’m planning some changes in my life. Not to get all ambitious or anything, but I want to get better about housekeeping, cooking, quality time with the kiddos and AJ, personal finances, and a few other things. Don’t expect quick progress or anything, folks, but now that my depression is under control and the boys are both a bit independent, I should have more time for these things… right?

I’ll be tracking my progress and recording my thoughts (don’t worry, not all of them) at http://www.adventuresinhomeeconomics.wordpress.com. Hey, I’ve already got a sporadically-posted-to parenting blo-… bl-… thing, why not one for the home-ec side of my life? You gotta keep ’em separated*. Goodness knows I’m in no way qualified to write a personal finance… thing… and I’m in no position to offer advice on anything, really, but recording my progress on goals might actually keep me accountable to someone/ something, so I’m going to pretend someone gives a rodent’s arse, mmmmkay?

In other news… damn, I need a haircut.


*Why hasn’t that song ever been used in a bra commercial? I’m just askin’.


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