OK, you’ve heard about this Ashley Todd, who was (allegedly) attacked at an ATM in Pittsburgh by a big, dark-skinned guy who became so enraged when he saw a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on her car that he carved a “B” into her face? You’ve seen the picture?

Lots of people have mentioned the same thing I first noticed- namely, that the “B” appears to be backwards. I’m not going to say she’s lying, ’cause the police aren’t done investigating, and damn, would I feel bad saying that if I was wrong! But…

Doesn’t it remind you of that scene in “Mean Girls” where they show them all getting ready for the prom, and Karen’s putting a crystal “K” on her chest, looking at herself in the mirror… and she gets it backwards, because it looks right in the mirror? I feel kind of bad that that was the first thing I thought of.

The picture is all over the place- here’s a link to “Hillbuzz” showing the Drudge Report, where people seem to be taking this pretty seriously. If it really happened the way she described, it IS serious, of course. Hmmmm…


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