Scary Witch

Norah (my niece) has this problem with consonants- namely, she gets them mixed up, and sometimes adds them where they don’t belong. Thus, Simon becomes Dienin, Ike gets called Dike, and cookies are dookies. She’s a fan of “d”, but other letters get substituted occasionally. Like yesterday…

Madelyn and her sister took Norah to the mall. They were in The Bay and saw a Halloween display. “Look, Norah,” Madelyn said, “It’s a scary witch!”

Norah was delighted. “Scary bitch!”

As they left the store, Norah kept turning around, waving, and hollering, “BYE! SCARY BITCH! BYYYYYYYEEEE SCARY BITCH!!!”

I’m really sorry I wasn’t there. Then again, I already lived through Simon’s phase when “firetruck” was pronounced “fuck”, which was pretty damn funny, too.


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  1. October 20, 2008 at 12:35 pm

    Yeah, the “fuck” stage was quite entertaining :). So was when another friend’s little one would say “what’s this?” in a way that sounded just like “Oh shit!”.

    Kids are awesome…

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