Big Jerk-Face Jerk…

I try to be an understanding peoson. If someone’s a bit rude to me, I try to go, “alright, maybe she’s having a bad day,” and I try to be nice, anyway. It doesn’t excuse the behaviour, but I try to let it go.

That said, I’m not impressed with the doctor who saw Simon this morning. We went to the walk-in clinic because Simon’s got a bad cough; considering that Isaac was diagnosed with strep throat earlier in whe week (which is very contagious), I thought we should get it checked out.

We waited for an hour, even though we were the 5th people there when the place opened this morning. That’s fine- I try not to bitch about things like that because I know they’re busy, and hey- at least we can see a doctor, right? Simon was an ANGEL while we were waiting. He played with the toy (singular) in the waiting room, and then I washed his hands. He ate a bit of Blueberry muffin. We looked at some magazines and he told me what he saw- cars, apples, babies, whatever. Then we went into a room to do some more waiting. I made a couple of frogs out of business cards (not much to play with in there…), and then he poked around the room a bit. It was fine.

Then the doctor came in. He didn’t introduce himself- he just told me to get Simon up on the table. “Hold his head,” he said, as he broke out the swab and tongue depressor. “He needs to stay really still.” I cuddled Simon’s head into me chest and held him still; the doctor jammed the swab in and swished it around until Simon was gagging and he got whatever he needed. “I don’t see any signs of strep,” he said. “This’ll take a few days to come back, but it’s just a virus.” Then he left. Simon was crying, sobbing, “Go car blue, go home! SuperCar home!”

You might have noticed that he didn’t talk to his patient- not once. I don’t think he even looked Simon in the eye. I can understand that he was in a hurry and had a waiting room full of people waiting, but it would’ve taken 15 seconds to say, “OK, buddy, I’m just gonna see if there are any germs in your mouth. It might feel a bit tickly, but that’s OK.” Hell, a smile alone would’ve helped the poor kid feel more comfortable.

I would’ve said something, but the doctor was gone. Also, he looked tired, and he was bigger than me…


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