Sick, Sick, SICK!

I’m living in a sickhouse.

It’s a change from the crazy-house this place usually is, and they say a change is as good as a rest… clearly, “they” are complete idiots. There is no rest in the House of Sick!

Isaac’s nose started running this weekend (which means it’s probably reached Brantford by now), and on Wednesday night he started coughing… and wheezing… and then coughing and wheezing some more. It’s this horrible, painful-sounding, barking noise when he coughs, and it makes me want to cry. We were up a few times that night (after three rough nights before that), running the shower to see if extra humidity would help clear things up. I took him to the walk-in clinic yesterday morning and found out that he has strep throat and a touch of bronchitis.

This doctor at the clinic… he was a very nice man. Very nice. I’m not sure why he felt he needed to explain the reasons for treating strep- you’d think “it’ll make his stop coughing” would be a pretty good reason. No, he had to tell me, “I don’t mean to scare you, but if left untreated, strep can cause serious damage to the heart valves. Also, 10 people died from it last year in Thunder Bay. And blood infections- that can happen if a tonsil abcesses.” Great. Thanks, Dr. Feelgood!

In spite of the seal-like cough (ARK! ARK!), the sore throat and scratchy voice (which he finds fascinating) and the constant nasal drainage all over my shirt, Ike’s being a real trooper. He’s still got big smiles for everyone in his family, and he wants to be down on the floor getting into as much trouble as possible. He HATES the medicine (which I tasted, and I can’t blame him- I don’t know what flavour that is, but it’s NOT cherry), and he really hates the inhaler I have to give him twice a day.

Simon, on the other hand… poor Simon. This is the second cold he’s had in the last month or so, so I guess I can’t blame him for being miserable. But he’s just being such a GUY about it. He’s got a runny nose- he hates the mess, and it makes it hard to sleep. It’s not fun. I just don’t see how that entitles him to be crabby and/or hysterical for two hours after he wakes up (morning or naptime) and to yell at his cousin (also sick) every time she comes within four feet of him and “his” couch.

The good news is that, after that lengthy waking-up period, he’s acting pretty normal- as in happy, sweet, and just occasionally like a three-year old. Mark took him and Norah for a walk to the park yesterday while I took Isaac to the doctor; Simon and Norah held hands on the way there (awwww!), and when he dropped his tiger, he ran back to get him and said, “Oh, sowwy, Ta! Did you fall down?!” He can be a really nice kid, that one.

All three of us were up at 5:00 this morning, after a pretty good night. Isaac spent most of the night in bed with me, but at least he slept pretty well. Simon did, too, which was a relief after a few nights of night terrors and/or crying spells. Simon woke up when Dad was in the bathroom, though, which woke me up, and Ike woke up when I got out of bed. Par-TAY! It’s 7:14 now, and I JUST got Isaac back to bed- here’s hoping Simon is next!


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