Most Excellent Website

If you like Barack Obama, this is a wicked website.

If you like babies, this is a super sweet website.

Either way, it’s a lot of pictures of Obama with babies and little kids, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. However you feel about the political side of things, it’s darn nice to see stuff like this. Also a few pictures of Biden and Michelle Obama with babies… mostly Barack.

Yes We Can (Hold Babies)-

A few of my favourites (you know, if you’re in a rush…):

“Mmmmm, baby smell…”

Two Huge Smiles in This Picture!

Your Skin Is Just So Soft!

This Kid Is a Good Hugger!

“HOLY CRAP, THAT IS BARACK OBAMA.”    (lol- seriously. Look at the face on this kid!)

and maybe my favourite: HUGZ!


And OK, maybe it’s not fair to post this with the pictures of Obama with happy babies, but this is friggin’ hilarious!


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