The Horror!

Once again, we’re approaching that terrifying time of year- Halloween. It’s not the vampires, werewolves or witches that scare me, though.

It’s the baby slut costumes.

I know I rant about this every year- pay no attention to the raving lunatic on the corner, folks. Avert your gaze and move on…

I HATE, HATE, HAAAAAATE the costumes they make for little girls! If Simon was a little older, he’d be able to choose between being a policeman, a fire fighter, a cowboy or a lion. If Norah was just a few years older, she’d either be safe in a puffy animal costume from Old Navy (love ’em!) or choosing between slutty cheerleader, slutty pirate and slutty vampire costumes. Or skanky witch, for a little variety.

Who designs these thisgs, and who the HELL is buying them? Who’s going, “Yes, Sweetheart, dressing up in fishnets, thigh-high boots and a ripped black mini-dress is TOTALLY perfect for your second-grade class party! Eeeeee! Fun! Yipyipyipyipyipie zippee doo DAAAAAHHHHH!”*

Need a preview? This is a good post with pictures of a few offenders. It doesn’t contain any new insights on the phenomenon, and I have nothing to add, either. I’ve said it all before, and it’s too depressing to go over it all again- little girls looking like sex objects, and worse, thinking that’s where their value lies… they get that all the time, anyway, in the media and clothing stores. Why can’t Halloween be… aaah, forget it. I’m going to drown my sorrows in a handful of Fun Size Mars Bars and thank God I have sons.


*I assume these people are nuts and probably talk like this most of the time.


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