Have you ever had a perfect conversation just fall into your lap? Maybe not a whole one- even just a short exchange where the person you’re talking to just walks right into what you were getting at, and you get to deliver a punchline… even if it was borrowed from a movie. I had it happen yesterday, and it was greeeat.

If you’ve seen “50 First Dates,” you’ll know where this is going. Don’t spoil it for everyone else, OK?

I was talking to Madelyn (brother’s girlfriend) about… OK, I actually have no idea how we got to talking about things that look like penises (eg- pork tenderloin looks disturbingly like horse penis). In any case, she mentioned that she’s once seen an excited walrus at Marine Land.

Me: Did you know that the walrus has the second-largest penis of any mammal?

Madelyn: Really? What’s the first?

Me:  … AJ.*

The conversation went on from there, but that was pretty much the high point of my day. Yeah, well, it wasn’t an especially spectacular day. Last night wasn’t so hot, either. Isaac woke up crying… well, I lost count of how many times. He had a stuffy nose. I was actually up, out of bed, and in the rocking chair in the living room with him three times, and I was up once with Simon, cuddling him on the couch for a few minutes when he was upset.

I’m a bit tired.

Ike’s a busy guy today, in spite of his lack of sleep. He’s slap-dragging himself all over the house (close the baby gates! Put the dog food up! Sweep the floors!), sitting up all by himself, and even trying to get his knees under him to do a “proper” crawl. He’s got snot runnung down his face, but whatever- it’s helping those Cheerios go down easier- the ones he just started eating last night (thanks, auny Kathy, for THAT mental image…). He slept for a very short while this morning, and I got to lie down with him. Only until he woke up and puked on my nice, clean sheets, though. And now he’s yelling at me.


…and trying to pull himself up on the furniture. My life is over.



*Yeah, you’re welcome, Sweetie.


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