Who called it?!

Right up the back. Right. Up. The. BACK. I had to cut his shirt off of him. It was that or smear poop through his hair, and that was just too gross to comtemplate, especially when the shirt was almost too small, anyway. Thank God he didn’t do THAT on the plane. :S

It’s just a good thing he’s cute:


And All That Crap

I really need for this baby to poop. We are less than 48 hours from leaving on a Westjet plane to go to AJ’s graduation (about damn time, says I), and he hasn’t gone for at least 3 days (Ike, not AJ). I swear he’s trying to save it up for the plane ride, probably just after take-off. I hate those stupid, teeny-tiny airplane phonebooths bathrooms, especially for diaper changes.

I just put him in the exersaucer, not because he likes it- he’s actually somewhat opposed to being contained anywhere not that he’s a man on the move. He has a history, though, of waiting until he’s in that thing and then pooping right up his back. I’m not sure if this is because standing up makes him go, or if (as I suspect) it’s purely for dramatic effect. Either way, I’ve got my fingers crossed.


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Happy (early) Halloweeeeeeeen!

In the interest of freaking everyone the hell out a few days early, have a look at the scariest friggin’ doll on Earth (and I’m not talking about Chuckie, folks). The commercial doesn’t help… ugh. If I’m going to have nightmares about this, I’m talking all of you with me!

If that video doesn’t work, you could use this:

…or just be thankful.

Have a Read

This is a great post about what it means to be poor- specifically, poor in the USA. It’s worth a read; so are the comments. The number of people who had so much to add to the list is kind of overwhelming, and a few of the replies made me cry (see #78, for example).

One of the things that struck me is the number of people who talk about not being able to afford to go to the doctor, not being able to get help for mental health problems, etc. I know people in Canada still have problems with affording medications and dental care (I wouldn’t have been able to without AJ’s insurance), but at least I’ve always been able to see a doctor when I needed one.

The other thing that breaks my heart is how being poor means your kids get to join the military. If that’s one of their life’s great ambitions, good luck to them, and God bless. But the thought that people join the army because that’s the only way they can get their teeth fixed… or because there just aren’t any other options… Rich people don’t have to worry about that, which just makes it seem like the people who didn’t grow up with that advantage are expendable, doesn’t it?

We’ve been so blessed. We’ve had tons of tough times, but there has never been a time when we couldn’t count on our families to help us pay the power bill if things were really tight, on friends to invite us over for supper when they could (or offer to babysit for free so the two of us could get out for a bit)- there was even a mysterious envelope in the mail once with enough $$ in grocery store gift certificates to get us through to the next paycheque. (And damn right we’ll do the same for other people in the future!).

The fact that we let our neighbours live like what you’ll read in some of the comments… it’s sick.

(see #124 for a great little story)


OK, you’ve heard about this Ashley Todd, who was (allegedly) attacked at an ATM in Pittsburgh by a big, dark-skinned guy who became so enraged when he saw a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on her car that he carved a “B” into her face? You’ve seen the picture?

Lots of people have mentioned the same thing I first noticed- namely, that the “B” appears to be backwards. I’m not going to say she’s lying, ’cause the police aren’t done investigating, and damn, would I feel bad saying that if I was wrong! But…

Doesn’t it remind you of that scene in “Mean Girls” where they show them all getting ready for the prom, and Karen’s putting a crystal “K” on her chest, looking at herself in the mirror… and she gets it backwards, because it looks right in the mirror? I feel kind of bad that that was the first thing I thought of.

The picture is all over the place- here’s a link to “Hillbuzz” showing the Drudge Report, where people seem to be taking this pretty seriously. If it really happened the way she described, it IS serious, of course. Hmmmm…


I’m sure y’all are familiar with the whole “prop. 8” thing happening in California- a “yes” vote means that homosexual couples will lose their recently-won right to get legally married.

This post on the subject is so beautiful, I almost cried. Have a read, let me know what you think.

Bestest Pop-Up Ad EVER.

Check this out:

I’m not sure if it’s scarier that someone would try this, or if it’s that people will actually fall for it…

Misc. Pics

I finally got pictures off of mom and dad’s “other” camera (ie not the Nikon) from the last few days and stretching back into the summer. These are a few of my favourites:

  Happy Isaac


 Angriest Cabbage-Patch doll EVER.

 New jammies!

 Mmmmm… Cheerios!

Photo Fun… ia

A friend introduced me to yesterday, and I blame it for the fact that I didn’t get to bed as early as I should have. It was just too much fun doing things like this:

and this:

aaaaaaand a little of these, too:

So then I had to post them on facebook… Yeah, I need a life, I know. But it was fun. 🙂

Scary Witch

Norah (my niece) has this problem with consonants- namely, she gets them mixed up, and sometimes adds them where they don’t belong. Thus, Simon becomes Dienin, Ike gets called Dike, and cookies are dookies. She’s a fan of “d”, but other letters get substituted occasionally. Like yesterday…

Madelyn and her sister took Norah to the mall. They were in The Bay and saw a Halloween display. “Look, Norah,” Madelyn said, “It’s a scary witch!”

Norah was delighted. “Scary bitch!”

As they left the store, Norah kept turning around, waving, and hollering, “BYE! SCARY BITCH! BYYYYYYYEEEE SCARY BITCH!!!”

I’m really sorry I wasn’t there. Then again, I already lived through Simon’s phase when “firetruck” was pronounced “fuck”, which was pretty damn funny, too.

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