Gilligan, Snickers, and the One-Eyed Trouser Snake

Now there’s a title for you!

Sometimes I get so busy that I forget to check my favourite web sites- especially the funny ones. I don’t think I’ve read Dad Gone Mad in the last 4 months, and man, have I been missing out on the FUN! Danny is hysterical, and if I can’t get this tea and spit off the computer screen, I’m gonna owe my dad a new computer.

About that title, though- check this entry out. It’s about his desire to become a copywriter for those viagra/ enlarger/ whatever ads that come into your spam folder*. The best part, though is the reader comments. He asked everyone to contribute a nickname for the penis (I just almost wrote “the male penis”… someone notify the department of redundancy department!). The list goes on FOREVER, and ranges from immature to creative to… well, disgusting. But it’s a good laugh if you need one (and you have the sense of humour of a 12 year old boy).



*HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Holy accidental euphemisms, Batman!


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