Trouble with Toting Tots… and Tea

My great-grandmother used to be so proud of my posture. Before I had kids, it was really excellent- ears in line with shoulders, hips, knees… whatever it’s supposed to be. I didn’t tend to sit all schlumped over, either.

Now? Well, now it’s… less good. My shoulders sag forward, my spine rounded between them. I get lower-back aches. My head leans too far forward. Why? CHILDREN.

Pregnancy messes with your posture to begin with; how can it not, when you’ve got 20+ extra pounds in front (OK, and some to balance it in the rear, but not quite enough)? Your lower spine gets compressed, especially if you’re on your feet all day. Then, once the baby’s born, there’s the issue of STILL having extra weight on the front, when you’re carrying a baby around. And that baby, he ain’t getting smaller. If all goes well, he is, in fact, getting heavier every day. If you have one who likes to be held, it’s just too hard to keep your chin up and your shoulders back. By the time Isaac’s walking, I’m going to look like Quasimodo.

I know, I know- I should be exercising, doing yoga or Pilates or something to straighten me out. As soon as I find time to do that, I’ll get right on it.

I’m seeing a chiropractor right now, and he’s been a life-saver. When Isaac was 2 months old, I was still having wicked backaches and headaches. Apparently I had just about the tightest lower back the doctor had ever seen, but he got it moving (after about 7 weeks and 3 massages), and it hasn’t been bothering me since. I had neck problems, too, and that wasn’t helping with the headaches at all, but I’m hardly having any at all, now. I don’t suppose I’ll have the same care after we move (more on that later)… it’s been nice, though.

So my options are to stop picking my kids up (riiiiight), get some proper exercise in, or become a hunched-over old lady by the time I’m 30. Decisions, decisions…



Oh, and speaking of health issues, I’m going to be cutting waaaay back on my caffeine consumption in the near future. I can’t really see not having at least one cup of tea in the morning, but the second morning cup, the afternoon pot I brew for me and mom, and the occasional after-supper cup… no more. I think I’m going to cry.

Why? Because Isaac won’t freaking sleep. It’s still taking 30 minutes to get him to sleep for… 30 minutes. He’s clearly exhausted much of the time; even though he tries to smile and be happy, he gets these dark circles under his eyes and his limbs get all flail-y, sure signs that he’s pooped, but he won’t go to sleep. Not on his own, not for me, not for anyone. It’s exhausting for him AND for me, and I’m wondering if it’s because he’s getting too much caffeine in his milk.

Mom said she’d rather give up breastfeeding than give up her tea, and I’d probably agree if formula wasn’t so damned expensive and comparitively inconvenient.

Maybe I’ll develop a taste for green tea.



  1. Pixiestick_cc said,

    September 17, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    I drink one cup of coffee in the morning and then half a can of coke at 5pm. My son seems to do fine with that. Maybe you don’t have to give it up … just cut back.

  2. September 18, 2008 at 7:24 am

    (In the voice from that 2000 Flushes guy:) I’ve invented something amazing!

    This could really be my ticket to wealth, fame, and infomercials. I’ve heard a number of other new moms complain about the same thing- the weight of carrying a baby during pregnancy and for months and months after (and the huge boobs ;)) causes back problems. To help out, I’m going to design a medium-sized sandbag that can be hung around your neck (like a cape!) to even out the weight distribution! The weight will be fully adjustable and will help prevent 90% of all quasimodo-ish-ness. You might shrink by a few inches over time as your spine compresses, but your posture will rival that of the reformed Eliza Doolittle.

    And green tea is the way to go… I like jasmine, but there are lots of other variations to try out. Or what about decaf tea?

  3. allisonwonder said,

    September 19, 2008 at 8:13 am

    MGL- I’ve tried the jasmine green tea, but it smells so much like perfume that it kind of tastes like perfume to me… regular green tea’s ok, and some of the flavours, but it doesn’t have that comforting, satisfying “cup o’ tea” feel for me- not yet, anyway. 🙂

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