Weird Day, Lame Post

Wow, what an odd day! OK, only the afternoon was odd, but sometimes that can just make the whole day seem weird, you know? Especially when dreams are involved.

The boys and I took a drive down to the chiropractor this morning. Did I mention that I had 3 bad headaches this week, two of which were definitely migraines? I was SO glad we were going. Scott (who usually takes care of me) wasn’t in today, so I saw Judy- it’s very different to have a tiny little woman adjusting your back (though just as effective). She found a jammed vertebra in my neck (same one that always bothers me*) and CRRRRACK! Sounds scarier than it is. Then she did that thing where they put pressure on the tight muscles, which HURTS, but it feels SOOOOO much better afterward.

We had lunch with Grandma and Grampa, and then I brought my sick boys home for a nap. Simon went to sleep, Isaac went to sleep, and I went to sleep- hurrah! Unfortunately, I had figured out earlier that the reason I was feeling dizzy was that I forgot to take my medications yesterday- oops. I took them before nap time, but DAMN did it give me some weird dreams. And why do I drool when I’m having these strange, strange dreams? So gross.

*Scott told me he doesn’t usually see something like my neck (or my lower back, for that matter) in a person unless he/she has been in a car accident or had a bad fall. I guess I’m just special.


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