Where was I? Oh… Regina.

Back to my trip to Mulva… I mean, Dolores… er, Regina… and the RCMP depot:

So then in was Saturday. We got up, had the breakfast, went for a walk around a few blocks of downtown Regina. Then we took a trip back to the depot so I could have the grand tour- so much as I was allowed to have (for security reasons), at least. It’s a nice spot- lots of trees, brick buildings, sidewalks you’re not allowed to walk on. Excuse me- sidewalks that CADETS aren’t allowed to walk on. If you’re a guest or if you’ve graduated, you’re good to go. As a guest OF a cadet, however… well, no one wants to risk push-ups. Oh, but FYI: NO ONE walks on the grass. Not for long, anyway… (cue creepy music) Come to think of it, cadets don’t actually walk anywhere- they’re either jogging (doubling) or marching (after they earn their boots). They have to earn everything out there.

It was quite relaxed on the weekend, though. I got to see some of the classrooms, the gym, the pool, the parade square. I saw the cenotaph, which is sad and scary at the same time… seeing the names of the most recent guys who died in the line of duty… I try not to think about that too much.

Saturday night was dinner and a movie- I finally saw “Dark Knight”. So good. Then we watched this, and I nearly fell over laughing (warning: this is only funny if you’ve seen the movie. Seriously.)

That’s about it, short of a few details.

I had to leave very early on Sunday morning, so we were up before 5:00- too early to say goodbye, but I can’t really think of a time that would’ve been good for that. It just wasn’t long enough. Four months apart, then less than 40 hours together? Better than nothing, but I miss him more now than I did before. Eight weeks to go…


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  1. Carrie said,

    September 6, 2008 at 10:12 am

    Your first line has me laughing so hard right now.

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