Aaaah, L’Amour…

So like I said, I took off for a few days while the family was at the cottage- left the boys in the capable (and reasonably willing) hands of my parents, my brother, his girlfriend, my grandparents and assorted cousins, and flew out to that great City of Love: Regina, Saskatchewan.


Perhaps not the most romantic of places to meet, but when you’ve only got a little more than 48 hours to get out and back (and, more importantly, a limited travel budget), you go where you gots to go- and where I gotsted to go (?!) was REGINA. It was kind of exciting; I’d never been farther west than approximately Brantford, ON, so this was something new for me. I was even more excited to be going to see the RCMP “depot”, where they churn out all those people who look so very good in those red uniforms… Mmmm, uniform… what was I saying? Oh- trip. Riiiight. My flight from Ottawa was uneventful, as was my stopover in Toronto. I met up with AJ’s buddy’s wife there,who was also flying out for the weekend. We didn’t talk much on the Toronto-Regina flight; we’d both had early mornings, and we didn’t expect we’d be getting to bed early, so we rested.

We knew we weren’t getting picked up at the airport. The guys weren’t officially off for the weekend until 4:30, and we got in just after 1:00. This would have been a great opportunity to go to the hotel, get checked in, have a shower, maybe nap a bit… that was the plan, actually, until AJ found out he was free for most of the afternoon. I couldn’t very well say I didn’t want to see him right away, could I? So we got a cab to the depot and met him in the guardroom.

But yeah… he was in uniform (the blue, everyday kind- his troop hasn’t earned the red one yet), so I wasn’t allowed to kiss him… or hug him… or leap into his arms… I settled for a handshake. Whoopee. That was the most physical contact we’d had in FOUR MONTHS, people. And he looked good, too- dammit.

We killed most of the afternoon at the RCMP Heritage Centre, which I highly recommend if you’re tourist-ing around Regina. Interesting exhibits, historical stuff, and I have to say, a really nice public washroom. Hey, I noticed- it was a good place to pump. Oh, didn’t I mention that? Since I’d left Ike behind at the cottage, it was pump & dump all weekend long. No point saving the milk- I wouldn’t be able to get it back in my carry-on suitcase, anyway. Almost made me cry, it did.

Then there was Arby’s for supper (which tasted even better because I hadn’t eaten since breakfast), a stop at Timmy’s, and on to the hotel. I’ll spare you the details…

Oops, gotta run… again… dang it! Some day I’ll do a full entry on one sitting (and maybe edit it, too!).


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  1. September 5, 2008 at 9:53 am

    That was probably a good place to end this post. Let’s keep it PG13, mmkay? 🙂

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