The Cottage- part 3

I WILL finish this!

Actually, there’s not much more to tell about the cottage trip. We took a couple of trips into town (Renfrew, ON), but we spent most days just doing whatever at the cottage. It’s kind of nice when you can’t just jump in the car and take off at any time, and when there’s nothing else you SHOULD be doing.

The boys and I had some rough nights out in the cabin. It was getting pretty cold at night, and the place isn’t insulated, so even with the heater out there, I spent parts of some nights in bed with Simon- the child will NOT keep a blanket on him when he’s sleeping. I also had Isaac in bed with me pretty much every night; he started crying as soon as I tried to put him in his own bed (EVERY time), and it wasn’t worth having him wake Simon up. Now, of course, he thinks that he should always be able to sleep in Mommy’s bed, which will become a problem if we can’t get it undone before it becomes Mommy and Daddy’s bed again. He’s just so bloody cute when he wakes up, rolls over and grins at me…

The high point of the whole trip for me was, of course, taking a couple of days to fly out to Regina to see AJ. It wasn’t easy to get THAT arranged, let me tell you! He had a long weekend, but it didn’t look like there was going to be anyone who could look after the boys while I was gone- more than a little depressing for me and AJ, let me tell you. Once Dad agreed to take an extra day off work so they could stay at the cottage long enough for me to go and come back (flying from and back to Ottawa), it was alright… except for some people’s worries about the boys’ sleep habits, and Isaac not having his beloved boobs around for a few days. I got away, though… that’ll be the next entry. I’m pushing my luck here just getting this much writing done while Ike’s asleep and Simon’s occupied; I don’t think I’ll tempt fate by starting the next bit.


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