The Twos Weren’t So Terrible. The Threes, However…

God save us all- he’s turning three next week.

I never understood why people talked about the “terrible twos”. I had a great year with Simon. He was usually happy, he was learning new things every day that he wanted to share with me, he was learning how to speak a language I could understand. Sure, he had his meltdowns and his cranky days, but don’t we all?

But the Threes, they are approaching. It’s hard to believe that we’re coming up on my baby’s fourth year in this world. If the last few weeks have been any indication, we’ll be calling this year “the Tempestuous Threes”. “The Turbulent Threes”. “The TDKS$&^^HSHBF!!!!!! Threes”. (That last one was the sound of me pulling my hair out by the roots and screaming into a pillow). We’ve been having more meltdowns over smaller things than ever before, and in the last two weeks he’s had a few MAJOR tantrums- screaming, slamming doors, throwing stuff. A few days ago he was screaming and crying ALL DAY LONG… and then he was just fine, a perfect little sunbeam between supper and bedtime.

The poor little guy’s been through a lot in the past few months, and I’m trying to be understanding. After all, we left St. John’s and moved here at the end of April, when we knew AJ was probably going to be heading off to “the Depot” for RCMP training, and poor Simon hasn’t seen his Daddy since then*. He’s had to get used to a new home, new family, new bedroom, new routines. Before we moved, he had to deal with the stresses of a new baby brother and having Mommy and Daddy all stressed out about moving. He seemed to really enjoy our trip to the cottage that we took over the last two weeks, but that was another change of scenery- plus me leaving for 2 days to visit AJ. It’s a lot for the little feller to handle.

But Good LORD, if the child doesn’t stop screaming and just TELL ME WHAT HE WANTS, I’m going to put my head through a wall.

Next up: Potty training! Yeah, wish me luck on THAT one…


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