I’ll Be Baaaack…

My lack of inspiration and motivation has become ridiculous. It’s that unfortunate time of year when most of us get to feeling a little down, people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (and what an appropriate acronym THAT is!) start wishing for the longer, sunnier days of summer, and I start to find myself having to fight harder against my depression than I do most of the year. I’m not going to get a doctor (and I should really find one here) to increase my effexor dose again- the SS Side Effects has sailed, my friends, and I’m not going to chase it down to re-board at another port*. That leaves me with a few options, but without immedeate results.

I need more fresh air and sunlight. I need WAY more exercise than I’m getting, and I need more and better sleep than I’ve had in the last… well, more than 3 years, anyway. If thinking about solutions could solve my problem, thngs would be great, but finding time to do any of this stuff is more than a bit of a challenge.

To say my posting around here has been irregular lately is a bit of an understatement- I find myself with little to write about and even less motivation to write about what there is. I’ve been better about AIHE, but even that’s inconsistent, and I’m going to be dropping back to 3 posts a week on there- and don’t I just hope I can find something other than my little daily accomplishments to write about there! I love my kids, wouldn’t trade ’em for anything, but they do take up a lot of a gal’s time and energy!

It’s not like masses of people will notice if things slow down around here for a while. Consider this semi-hibernation… I’ll be poking my nose out of the cave every now and then, but that’s it.

Wish me luck with the other stuff.



wow… could I have styretched THAT tired metaphor a little further? (farther?)


It’s been a while, I know. I don’t know what the problem is these days- I just have little to no desire to write- even my paper journal’s suffering, and I never used tt miss a day. Post-holidays mood dip? Possibly, though I’m just as glad we have all of that travelling and whatnot out of the way.  My mood’s been pretty stable lately, if not super-duper. I know I should be getting more exercise to help with that, but when, I ask you- when?

I’m not the only one having blog-related issues- my dear Anne Nahm claims she’s going through a slump right now. If my slumps were as funny as hers, I’d be happy. This may be why she has readers, though. 🙂

So, how was your Christmas? Our actual Christmas was great- it was getting there and back that sucked harder than a Dyson. My friends, I don’t think I have the energy to even go into details here, even if it might be entertaining for anyone who wasn’t there. Give me a few weeks (or months) to get a better perspctive on the funny side of everything- if there is one. As of right now, even though we had fun in Florida and it was great to see AJ’s family, it wasn’t worth all of that hassle. Also, I miss WestJet, and Air Canada can shove their unhelpful “customer service” folks up their corporate bum.

Like I said, I may need time to get past this…

I’ve got this 10-month old one-man demolition crew patting my lap here and trying to push all of the buttons on this keyboard- I guess he thinks it’s time for me to get off the damn computer and play with him already. He’s probably right.


I only have a minute to write this, so forgive me if it’s not edited properly (or at all). I’m trying to pack for a week in Florida (I know, poor me), but it’s extremely frustrating trying to do so with a three-year old “helping”- and by helping, I mean tossing stacks of clean clothes all over my bedroom, making forts in them, and then running up and down the hall, yelling, when his brother’s trying to sleep.

I’ve also been trying to get the house really clean, because I don’t want to come home to more of a mess than I have to. It seems, though, that every tie I get an area tidy, there are these people following me around, messing it up again. They’re warriors of chaos, my boys are.


Now that Simon’s in bed, I’m hoping to make some progress. As usual, I’m completely paranoid about forgetting something important. It’s a 3-hour drive to the airport, so if I forget something, there’s no coming back for it. I’ve got our birth certificated and my photo ID… my medications… stuff for the boys to do on the plane (I hope)… clothes… shoes… Christmas presents for the in-laws…

I have to get the house ready for the cats, too. A neighbour is coming in to feed them while we’re gone, but I’m not asking him to clean out the litter box, so I’m setting up a couple of aluminum pans of litter in the bathroom in garmage bags; when the first one is full, he can tie it up and open the next one. I’ve got big bowls out for food and water, but I can’t fill those until Hurricane Ike is out of the way tomorrow.

I gotta go. Merry Christmas, everybody!


Not much to say- were busy getting ready for Christmas and our trip to Florida, where Isaac will meet his “Poppy Cal” for the first time. Hooray! We’re all a little excited; we don’t get to see nearly enough of AJ’s family.

I’ve got new posts on Dandelion Daisy (my cards), Mommyhood Confidential and Adventures in Home Ecomomics. I probably won’t get a chance to post while we’re away, but I’ve got a few scheduled to post on AIHE on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.

If  i’m not back before then… Merry Christmas, everyone!

Hot Damn, Anne Nahm!

(Otherwise entitled: Baby J is A-OK!)

Baby J is back! After 11 long months packed away in a box, the little wooden fellow is back and resuming his adventures, shared via Anne Nahm’s blog.

I’ve been waiting for this- just be excited for me, OK?


At An Ungodly Hour

I know there are people out there who get up early so they can get things done. Housework, writing, getting lunches ready… morning’s a productive time for those people. This might lead one to believe that I, too, should have lots of time for writing on here these days, what with my children getting me up ridiculously early, but it’s just not so.

On Wednesday morning, Simon got up at 3:00. UP- as in, he was sitting on the couch, then playing on the living room floor, andgenerally not going back to bed. I tried to get some more sleep, but there’s no way I can really sleep when my kid’s up alone. Yesterday was even worse- 2:00. He manages to fall asleep on the couch by around 6:00, but by then Isaac’s awake, so I’m up anyway- and Simon doesn’t get to sleep much longer, either.

What’s the problem? Well, there’s the move, which is bound to throw a guy off, even if it’s a bit of a delayed reaction. Then there’s the “sleep begets sleep” rule; if he has one bad night and doesn’t get a nap to make up for it, he’s guaranteed to have another bad night*.

He’s sleeping in this morning; it’s now 7:00 and I haven’t heard a groan/moan from him yet. Isaac, however, picked up some of the slack and got me up at 5:45. What a team!

I wish I could just go, “well, I’m up anyway, might as well get a start on my day!” Maybe if I’d had a decent sleep in recent memory, I’d do just that. There’s always plenty to do. Instead, I flake out on the couch and try to close my eyes and doze off, even for just a few minutes at a time.

I’ve done a few posts on Adventures In Home Ec, though not too early in the morning- that would just come out an incoherent mess (more so than any of my usual rambles). Other than that… this is what you get, folks.

A few nights ago I had a dream that my aunt was telling me about this fabulous night she’d had, 9 hours of totally restful sleep… and I cried. In the dream, I broke down crying because I was so jealous. Now, this is my aunt who in reality hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since about 1981, but there you have it.

I’m too damn tired to come up with a conclusion to this post that doesn’t leave things hanging, so

and by bad night I mean trouble getting to sleep, night terrors and waking up at an ungodly hour.

What A Rip Off…

If the movie hadn’t come out before he was born, I’d have said that the baby Ogres in “Shrek the Halls” were based on Isaac… Must be the cheeks.



Give A Monster A Home This Christmas


*please note: I wrote this a few weeks ago, and I haven’t had time to re-check the links- forgive me if any of the monsters mentioned here have already shipped off to new homes. *


It’s amazing what you can find on Etsy. I was looking under “Everything Else”/”weird” this morning, and I came across the Timid Monsters. These wee folk come from TrishCzech’s shop, Trupinys, and all are looking for adventure in foreign lands.

Someone is obviously having WAY too much fun with these guys- I spent a good part of this morning reading and laughing over the descrpitions posted with the monsters, like this one for Susy:

Susy sometimes acts like the mother of the Timid Monsters. Often she can be found making roast beef and sardine sandwiches with the crusts cut off, sewing buttons to socks, and making the beds with all the blankets and sheets tucked under the mattresses. She dislikes lime jello, sticky floors at movie theatres, and medication adverts on the telly.

She would be glad to see someplace new! Ask about international shipping!

Or Theodore:

Theodore’s main concern in life is his thinning hair. He is too proud to simply cover it with a hat, yet hates to catch people staring at the last few strands he has. Theodore likes to watch the clouds and imagine they are they are spaceships arranging themselves into one final battle.

Theodore is also interested in combustible engines, peanuts and international shipping; ask!

Have a look through the selection; as of today there are 53 monsters available. With a price range of about $2.50- $3.00 each, it doesn’t cost a lot to give one a home with yourself or a loved one, and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind spending a night in a Christmas stocking… or just go check out the pictures and descriptions, ’cause they’re too funny.

It looks like the monsters are shipped out of New Jersey; contact the sellerto ask about delivery charges outside the States.

Dear Chocolate;

Please forgive me for blaming you for the upset stomach I had earlier today. It turns out it wasn’t your fault at all, but this migraine I didn’t know was coming. I’m sorry I lashed out… let’s be friends again, OK?



Home Economics and BLAAAAARGH…

I feel I’m going to be sick. Maybe I should have had something to eat this morning other than 2 Lindors and a piece of toast with Nutella on it…

The countdown is well underway: in 2 days we’ll be on our way to our new home! I’m excited, nervous, happy, sad, anxious, and most of all, freaking exhausted. Still, we’re getting there. The packing was all done on time (even if I did neglect my kids a bit in order to get it done), we picked up the U-Haul trailer yesterday morning and packed it up, and Dad’s been on the road with the trailer and the cats (God love him!) since 5:10 this morning. We’re left with 3 suitcases, 2 carry-on bags and a playpen here… good thing Norah’s toys are still around, or we’d be pretty bored on this rainy day.

(Rain… I still need to get to Value Village and look for raincoats for me and the boys…)

Big changes are coming, and in the grand tradition of New Year’s resolutions, I’m planning some changes in my life. Not to get all ambitious or anything, but I want to get better about housekeeping, cooking, quality time with the kiddos and AJ, personal finances, and a few other things. Don’t expect quick progress or anything, folks, but now that my depression is under control and the boys are both a bit independent, I should have more time for these things… right?

I’ll be tracking my progress and recording my thoughts (don’t worry, not all of them) at http://www.adventuresinhomeeconomics.wordpress.com. Hey, I’ve already got a sporadically-posted-to parenting blo-… bl-… thing, why not one for the home-ec side of my life? You gotta keep ’em separated*. Goodness knows I’m in no way qualified to write a personal finance… thing… and I’m in no position to offer advice on anything, really, but recording my progress on goals might actually keep me accountable to someone/ something, so I’m going to pretend someone gives a rodent’s arse, mmmmkay?

In other news… damn, I need a haircut.


*Why hasn’t that song ever been used in a bra commercial? I’m just askin’.

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